Associate Testimonials

John DaSilva        

Sr. Sales Manager

    Q.  Has Broadway helped you advance your career?

  A. Did they ever!  Shortly after starting with Broadway, management took note of my personal sales production and drive to advance.  Various managers offered their personal time, coaching me on effective relationship building, being a team player and developing leadership skills.  That one-on-one time with my managers was--and still is--invaluable.

   Q. The job market is competitive.  Why stay at Broadway?

  A. The family atmosphere has been the glue to my career development at Broadway.  This family and team environment is cultivated throughout all levels of the organization, and is unmatched by any other automotive dealership or business I previously experienced.


Angie Muenster-Anthony

Hyundai Sales Executive




Q. Tell me about your time with Broadway.

A. I've been a member of Broadway's sales team for three years.  Management and team members are positive, outgoing and go above and beyond to help you fell prepared and well trained.  Shortly after completing my initial training, I sold 8 cars in two weeks! 

Q. How has Broadway helped your career?

A. I'm continuously provided with the tools and resources to succeed.  I'm encouraged to attend offsite and other hands-on training courses to stay up to date on the latest selling and vehicle trends.

Q. Why stay with Broadway when there are other options out there?

A. Every day is a new adventure, new learning experience and I feel in control of my own success.  My team members are outgoing with positive attitudes.  It all factors in to me loving my job! 


Jake Carpenter

Service Technician



 Q. Tell us about your Broadway start.

A. I began in Quick Lane and quickly transitioned to Volkswagen service where I work closely with a more experienced Technician.  I am now one of two heavy VW Technicians.

Q. How has Broadway supported your career?

A. I'm provided with proper training to keep me up to date on the latest vehicle technology; but even more so is the one-on-one training.  The Technician I worked under when I strated with VW taught me so much of what I know today.  I have that type of onboarding and training to thank for getting my career off to a solid start.

Q. Why should other Technicians choose Broadway?

A. Broadway is a long standing, family owned business with a great reputation.  The training and environment are second to none.