The History of Broadway Automotive


  1916- Broadway Chev-Olds was located in DePere, WI, where the Knoll Systems building now stands on Broadway; the   dealership was known as Broadway Garage.  Broadway Garage was originally owned by Mr. Grove McGeehan and was   franchised to sell Apperson, Maxwell & Buick cars. 

  1917- Herb Cuene (Grandpa Herb) became affiliated with Broadway and began one of the longest automobile careers     in the history of the industry. 

  1919- The Chevrolet franchise was awarded to Broadway. 

  1929-  Broadway Garage moved to the area where Shopko now stands in DePere. 

  1932- The Oldsmobile franchise was awarded to Broadway. 

  1933- Upon the death of Mr. McGeehan, Herb Cuene purchased interest in the dealership. 

  1950- Herb's two sons, Duke & Jim Cuene join their father at the dealership. 

  1967- With approximately 40 employees, the company moved to its present location in the village of Ashwaubenon.  In conjunction with the move the name was changed to Broadway Chevrolet-Oldsmobile. 

 1973- The facilities were expanded to include more area for the body repair shop and a whole new Heavy Duty Truck     Center. 

1976- Broadway Chev-Olds, was named Wisconsin Truck Dealer of the Year and was one of the 10 National Finalists. 

1978-The showroom was enlarged to provide room for approximately 30 vehicles and an additional parts area was provided. 

1985-Marked the beginning of the third generation of Cuenes, as Jim's son Casey joined the dealership.  Expansion of the dealership continued; this time, work began on the service receiving area and administrative offices. 

1986- Broadway was awarded the Wisconsin Time Quality Dealer of the Year.  We were one of the 10 finalists for the national award. 

1987-The Hertz Franchise at Austin-Strauble International Airport was acquired. 

1988- Volkswagen & SAAB inventory was added to Broadway Chev-Olds, from the 1986 purchase of Hinic Imports. 

1989- David Cuene, son of Duke, joins his cousin at Broadway as another member of the families' 3rd generation. 

1990-  Broadway Chev-Olds-VW-Saab purchased Woosencraft Chevrolet-Pontiac-Buick in Pulaski, WI.  The dealership name becomes Broadway of Pulaski. 

1991- Michael Cuene, son of Duke, joins his family at the dealership. 

1995-  Broadway was given the honor of being named a "Service Supremacy Flagship Dealer" and "Pilot Oldsmobile CCE Retailer." 

1996-  In an all out effort to bring the dealership into the 21st century, a complete dealership remodeling began in October. 

1997-  Broadway Chev-Olds-VW-Saab remodeling is completed in October. 

1998 - In an effort to maintain consistency, Broadway Enterprises, Inc. is established as the holding company for the Green Bay, Pulaski and Hertz locations.  

1999-  We entered into the new millennium; with a great deal of pride & enthusiasm to move forward, striving to continue our strong history of customer satisfaction & to maintain our favorable reputation as a dealer & as an employer 

2004- The Hertz Franchise at the Central Wisconsin Airport Mosinee, WI is acquired.

2004– Van Boxtel Automotive & Van Boxtel Auto Credit are purchased from Ed VanBoxtel – an automotive franchise that had been run by the Van Boxtel family since 1967.  

2008 - Purchased the Hyundai Franchise from Denil Wall.

2011 - Broadway Chevrolet-Volkswagen renovates approximately 40,000 sq. ft. including new Volkswagen showroom.

2014-2015 - Broadway Ford-Hyundai finalizes renovation of 80,000 sq. ft. Ford Showroom at our Military Ave. location. 

2016 - We are celebrating Broadway's 100th birthday all year long, while looking forward with confidence to our bright future ahead.